What Features Would You Like to See in Windows Phone ‘Apollo’?

I know, I know, we haven’t even seen a final release of Mango for Windows Phone yet and ‘Tango’ comes before the rumored ‘Apollo’, but the Windows Phone update codenamed ‘Apollo’ is supposed to be the next major update and is rumored to bring Microsoft’s Windows OS and Windows Phone products closer together.

Being that Apollo is supposed to be the next major update for Windows Phone, I think it’s only fair to ask people what they feel Windows Phone needs to do or add in either Tango or Apollo to become the top smartphone OS. Here are just a few of the additions I would like to see in the coming update:

  • Direct streaming of music and videos in the Music + Videos hub from your SkyDrive account.
  • Increased integration of services like Flickr and Photobucket in the pictures hub. 
  • Messaging needs to become a major hub
  • Increased bluetooth functionality (file transfer)
  • Video and Audio MMS attachments
  • Native support to use Windows Phone as a mass storage device.
  • Native Outlook sync support
  • Increased email support for enterprises
  • Higher screen resolutions and devices to go with them
  • I’d like to see Windows Phone act as a native remote for the Xbox 360 console and Windows 8 out of the box, no apps required.
  • Increased support for SD cards (which includes Microsoft and Manufacturer’s)
  • This is more a Windows Live upgrade, but I’d like to see the mobile Windows Live services expanded to add more phone-specific features like complete cloud backup.
  • KIN Studio-like platform for Windows Phone

Of course I have left off some features both intentionally and unintentionally. Please let me know in the comments what features or services you would like to see in the coming versions of Windows Phone.


21 responses to “What Features Would You Like to See in Windows Phone ‘Apollo’?

  1. I would like to see more connectivity to the Xbox 360. Like the ability to play music and movies and games through the Xbox.

    Also I use my wp7 as a pmp. I would love to have fast music track changing while the phone is locked by pushing and holding the volume buttons.

  2. Separate volume levels for Zune, ringer, apps, and system sounds.
    Display timeout choice of never(this one is very aggravating for me).
    Voice control for starting a playlist, podcast, video, fm station, artist, or song.
    Voice dictation for all text input, including IE10 and email.
    Voicemail, text, email, Xbox turn by turn status light indicators(why did this feature go with the dodo bird?).
    Stereo speakers on all hardware.
    IR output with native remote control app.
    Native control and streaming for home Windows Media Center to phone.

  3. Something very simple that I’m not sure is included in mango or not but the ability to attach a document to an email without having to go to office.

  4. I think microsoft should take into consideration aspects of the app windows phone 8 that would bring it to the top rather quickly if i do say so myself

  5. I disagree on the “higher screen resolutions” point. That’s what leads to fragmentation, a major reason why Windows Mobile failed and the biggest problem Android is faceing. 480×800 is fine IMHO.

    • As a developer, I can assure you this isn’t a problem on WP7. As long as the aspect ratio stays the same, the hardware automatically takes care of the different resolutions. Thus no fragmentation.

      • For UI elements like buttons this might be true, but wont images with a fixed size of 480×800 (e.g. the splash screen image) look pixelated?

  6. adobe Flash support. Very nice graphic using games n Apps. N must, lock the back n search touch buttons during playing games coz it is very irritating. Haha remaining to be posted later.

  7. I would really love to see a clean line-out signal. The headphone jack and Bluetooth option just doesn’t compare to an unamplified lineout hack (via USB).

  8. It would be great to have the phone link up and sync to a pc or laptop. And to be able to use the pc or laptop as a personal clould to store and share and stream data. That would be awesome. To have the speech recognition more of an integral part of the phone so that while driving for example you could pull a Spock and be like :

    “please find the nearest gas station and call my wife”
    Yes found nearest gas station would like directions
    Ok Now calling your wife

    That would be something else like your own personal butler for the phone. Also in app video viewing, a better you tube client, and better bing and traffic and street view integration with the phone. Just a bing map that would challenge google map more head to head. To have a proximity sensor on the phone so that when I am in the house and approaching a pc it recognizes who I am and pulls up my personal settings and last viewed web site or game even if the last thing viewed was from my mobile phone. The possibilites are endless.

  9. I think all that you’ve mentioned would make it the top OS, but I would also like to see it have the ability to have wallpapers in the homescreen like shown above in the Apollo pic. DLNA would be nice, HDMI ports, man you hit so many on the head.

  10. Ability to put pdf, txt and various other popular file formats through zune. in case mass storage does not come. although there is a reg hack to enable this even now, but i’m not sure if the app find those files when you transfer them. i’m off to investigate.

  11. The ability to attach different file formats to MMS! The ability to listen to a radio app and do other things like send a text message without getting out of the app and stopping the music.

  12. Ability for WP to read text aloud from emails, text msgs, web pages, etc. Select whatever length of text and have option to either copy or read aloud. Select any text msg and push/hold with an option to reply, forward, copy, or read aloud.

  13. I want to see them add something similar to apples new imessage. Also sprint needs to get a windows phone that isnt so terrible. we got screwed with the htc arrive. flash is a big thing im looking forward to.

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