Brandon Watson’s Next Windows Phone Challenge: Robert Scoble

Brandon Watson has been busy these days. Every time you turn around, he’s challenging someone or assisting someone onto the Windows Phone platform. He seems to be evangelizing Windows Phone 24/7, so it’s no surprise to see his tweet in response to Robert Scoble regarding changing his mind about the Windows Phone platform.

Robert Scoble was on a podcast recently where he gave his opinion on Windows Phone and he essentially stated that Windows Phone was nice, but lacked depth (i’m paraphrasing). Today he was asked if he if he cared to give Windows Phone with the Mango update a try, to which he replied “…I would love to test out Mango and see if it changes my opinion.”

That’s where Brandon Watson comes in. He’s been aggressivly promoting Windows Phone among popular folks on the web, so it will be interesting to see if Scoble takes him up on the offer. Stay tuned…


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