HTML5 Web Music Player Integration [Video]

I’ve taken the time to give my thoughts on what I believe IE9 in Mango does for Windows Phone, but one of the major additions to IE9 is the HTML5 markup. Flash is currently not available on Windows Phone and may never be, but HTML5 is a powerful web language that, when implemented, can do even more than flash. Take Microsoft’s revision of Windows Live SkyDrive and Hotmail. The integration of HTML5 makes the web apps run like it’s a native application. Nearly everything loads and runs faster and smoother when implemented correctly.

We’ve already seen Microsoft demonstrate the ability to play music directly from a web browser in IE9 mobile via their test drive site, but the integration that is available in Mango exceeds just playing music. As you will see in the video below, the music not only plays using playback controls embedded in the website, but continues playing even when the user navigates back to the home screen and the playback controls integrates itself onto the lockscreen, just as if it was a native music file playing in the Zune hub. Here’s the video from

You can test this out yourself by using the test drive mobile site link above and playing a music sample. Behold, the power of HTML5. Thanks goes to Peter Anderson for the tip.


5 responses to “HTML5 Web Music Player Integration [Video]

  1. Speaking of HTML5, and I’m sure I’m not alone here, why is it that you guys, and you aren’t the only ones, speak so highly of HTML5 as opposed to Flash Video but yet you seem to be using flash EVERYWHERE!

    This unfortunately leaves mobile users like me, who are already running IE9 through Mango Beta, completely frustrated.

    Your web pages are made to be accessed on computers, especially since all videos you have are flash. What I’m sure that you are fully aware is that any PC able to run flash is certainly able to render HMTL5 applications. So transfering over to HMTL5 video isn’t going to hurt you at all. Again, this isn’t just going to you.

    Bringing, at least, HMTL5 video to your website will mean that you are thinking about the mobile customers who don’t have time to sit in front of a computer but still access your webpages through their (WP7) devices.
    Now, the people using Mango Beta are relatively small, so the complaints are small too, however, when Mango dies come out officially in a few months and everyone has updated their device through Zune, they will find it pretty pointless, like I do now, why private Windows Phone websites, like yours, still prefer to use flash knowing full well that it won’t work on mobile devices, and not utilise the power of the native IE9 rendering HTML technology.

    This will make your websites accessed by EVERYBODY, and since this is a predominantly Windows Phone website, you can bet your socks off that you have loyal customers who want to read your every story on the move, while commuting, traveling, etc. So if your loyal customers come to this website for Windows Phone news, then you can bey that a good portion of them will be sporting a WP7 handset.

    Now, there are websites already running HMTL5 video mostly because of mobile users like myself. I suggest you, and tell your friends also, make the leap over to HTML5, otherwise I guarantee that mobile users will be making the jump to other websites if those websites have the same video as here but in a mobile friendly HTML5 version.

    Like I said, this isn’t a big deal now, but come the update this fall, and you are not in the Mango bandwagon, you will lose customers.

    • Mate, i understand your frustration. But the only one that makes Flash living is Google, because its cheap and easier for advertising. Microsoft and Apple is taking the big step for HTML5, because its more fitted to mobile units that smartphones and tablets. Flash is also very intense for the data network, it eats megabytes and CPU power completly.

      But i dont understand why you cant watch the videos on your phone, for me. Either it directs me to the mobile version of youtube, or it starts the primary youtube app that i have, there is no problem with that.

      Flash has been a very good solution for every user since Windows XP, but its time to change the language to HTML5, it works with desktops and mobile units very well. Even Google do have a website based on HTML5, they are testing it and will be ready in a couple of years to translate the whole websites language.

    • Trust me, HTML5 is something I’d like to do, but the standards for HTML5 aren’t even finished yet, so there is no set of standards that everyone would go by. I applaud Microsoft for their integration of HTML5 in Mango because I believe it’s the future, but for now, flash is what we must use for the majority of internet users.

      Mobile is a hard sell for flash because of the drain and strain on the battery of a mobile device. I’d love to have flash on my WIndows Phone if they can guarentee steady battery life.

      • This is not the only WP news website that I visit. And accessing your website directly from IE solves the problem for all WP7 users. And like Hussein said, clicking on the video takes me directly to Microsoft’s own YouTube app.

        I apologise, and I should’ve expressed myself in a different way before. Like I said, it’s not a big deal now as the complainers, like myself, are relatively small, and the solution is very simple.
        But I don’t have the patience to go to Internet Explorer and open each of my favourite websites individually. Instead, I use the Windows Phone News app to see what’s new from a list of around 12 Windows Phone websites. Although this app has, and I’m sure you’re very familiar with this, an in-app web browser, all pages are automatically redirected to the mobile version of that website. And that’s where the problem comes in.

        I have read the frustration of many users like myself from many websites like this one, and the simple solution is to switch over to the full website instead of the mobile friendly one so that the video can be redirected to the Microsoft YouTube plug-in.

        I guess what I’m saying is: could you please take a look at your mobile version of the website and improve it slightly?

  2. I made a comment here earlier, don’t know where it went…

    Anyway, as I said before, if you truly believe HMTL5 is the future, then why do you, and everyone else with a Windows Phone eccentric website keep using Flash videos?

    I have Mango Beta on my phone, therefore I have IE9. I don’t have time to sit at a computer and search for WP7 news. I therefore open Windows Phone News app and it shows me everything new. However, almost all videos are Flash based.

    This makes no sense since yourself and other WP websites exclude the possibility of mobile users from viewing any sort of videos.

    One thing that confuses me is how you, and lot of other Windows Phone news websites, keep going on on how IE9, with HTML5 capabilities in Mango, is the way forward and it’s mire efficient than Flash, and if coded correctly could work wonders. However, none of you have yet impliment that.

    I am a Mango Beta user, and I’m not even a developer. It was fairly simple to get Mango on my phone using the workaround posted on some websites. Therefore you can bet your socks that there are thousands of user, also non-developers, who managed to successfully install the Beta on their device. So you can imagine our frustration when an article comes out praising the heavily Microsoft-backed HMTL5 technology, and the yet the article features a FLASH video to further illustrate your opinion.

    If WP7 will be big in the future, especially running Mango, isn’t it time you start changing your websites to further accommodate these mobile users?

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