What To Do If the USA Today v1.1 Update Breaks the App

If you are a USA Today reader then you probably have the app for Windows Phone. The original release was great, but awfully limited. The first update for the app on Windows Phone is out and it is much better, if it works on your device. Some folks, including myself, updated the app and when it would launch, it would freeze on the splash page.

If this is happening on your phone, simply try to uninstall and reinstall the app. It worked for me and a few other users and now the app loads just fine. The new live tile is great-looking and the videos section really adds to the depth of the app.

New Features in v1.1:
– Live Tile! A photo mashup based on our latest headlines
– Latest news videos on a dedicated video panel
– Sub-section headlines: hold down any of the section tiles to bring up a list of sub-sections to choose from, i.e. Sports > MLB headlines. Tile will default to that subsection.
– Photo caption and credit for articles
– Recall last league viewed in Scores
– Major League Soccer scores added
– Celsius toggle for weather temps
– Support for international weather locations (limited maps)
– Weather alerts on current conditions screen
– Various bug fixes


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