Cro-Mag Rally Now Available in Marketplace

Pangea Software already has a title on Wndows Phone called Enigmo and now they have their most popular title coming to the new mobile OS as well. Similar to Nintendo’s uber-popular Mario Kart, Pangea Software’s Cro-Mag Rally is a cartoonish, third-person view racing game which takes place in caveman times. The title has been on the Mac and iOS for years and is a huge hit among mobile gamers.

The gameplay is centered around two characters, Brog and Grag, who drive karts made of their own modern-day materials. The characters race through ancient time periods among numerous tracks collecting arrowheads along the way. Just like Mario Kart, you have different weapons which you can use to trip up your opponents along the way.

The title is $2.99 for Windows Phone and comes with a free trial. It’s not pulling up in my Windows Phone search menu at this time, so you my need to find this title by clicking here.


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