Skype Might Come to Windows Phone Sooner Than We Thought

Microsoft recently bought Skype, so the news that there will be Skype integration in Windows Phone in the future is certainly not surprising. Certain Mango devices will have front facing cameras, so the ability to use Skype with the new hardware is going to bring a lot of attention to the platform. Well, it looks like the future is now, or at least very soon, for Skype integration based on a recent job advertisement wanting a “Software Engineer, Video on Microsoft Platforms” to assist with “…building and optimizing the Skype Video Engine solution for Microsoft Windows and Windows Phone platforms.”

Microsoft’s move to capture Skype from it’s competitors was an unexpected and risky one. With their consumer products like Xbox/Kinect and Windows Phone starting to take off in the market, the addition of the Skype branding may be just what their mobile platform needs to battle with the likes of iOS and Android.

via WPCentral


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