WordPress for Windows Phone Hits v1.2

The WordPress for Windows Phone app has now been updated to v1.2. I downloaded the update early this morning on my Samsung Focus, but haven’t had a chance to give it a run-through. According to a post on their website, the update includes support for landscape editing, new language translations, UI improvements a number of  fixes. The app is great for doing things with your blog while on the go and the changes are definitely welcome. Here is the official word:

Landscape Editing

Got your thumbs warmed up? Good! The post editor can now be rotated to landscape mode, giving you access to a larger keyboard for typing out your post content. We’ve also made it easier to navigate the post editor view.

UI Improvements

The panorama view UI has been improved to give you more space to view your blog’s content. You can now view a lot more posts, pages and comments in the scroll view at once. We’ve also added a better loading indicator so you won’t have to wait for a network task to complete before you move on to another area of the panorama.

New Language Translations

Thanks to the brilliant WordPress Polyglots, the app has been translated to French, German, Italian and Spanish. Fantástico! If you’d like to translate the app to your own language, you can get started at translate.wordpress.org.

Under the Hood Fixes

1.2 also includes many bug fixes, including:

  • Better support for post pingbacks in the comment view.
  • Fixed comment submission date from being changed when moderating.
  • Preview now works for drafts, scheduled and private posts/pages.
  • Prompt added if the back button is accidentally tapped while creating a post.

You can find the WordPress for Windows Phone app by clicking here. Thank BBH8R for the Tip.


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