Windows Phone Evernote App Hits v1.2

The folks over at Evernote have updated their app to version 1.2. The update brings faster resume and load times, encryption (which is a necessary feature) and the ability to edit rich text documents. The Evernote app is solid on the Windows Phone platform and these updates make it even better. Personally, I’m a OneNote junkie and have been since before Evernote landed on the scene, but Evernote is a worthy competitor and many people find the service and app to be very useful, so if you haven’t given Evernote a try, you can find it in the Marketplace by clicking here.


2 responses to “Windows Phone Evernote App Hits v1.2

  1. Um…I believe that Evernote predates OneNote by at least a couple of years…and, critically, it is a cross-platform app.

    It is fun to read all the complaints in the Evernote blog from iOS users who are upset because WP7 got rich text editing before iOS did. Pays to be an early adopter, I guess. 😉

    • OneNote was originally announced in 2002 and released in 2003. Evernote first debuted into beta in 2008. Evernote was released to compete with oneNote, not the other way around.

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