Windows Phone Games: Apple Bin review

Do you like physics-based games? Then Windows Phone is quickly becoming your type of platform. Physics games are challenging, fun and simple games that you can usually pull out when you have a few minutes and put away just as easily. Apple Bin by EscapeDevelopment is an exclusive indie title for Windows Phone which makes use of the Farseer physics engine and incorporates the things we love about mobile games.

The object is simple: try and shoot an apple into the bin in as few shots as possible. Sounds easy, right? Not always, obstacles will be in your way and you must tap the screen to figure out the trajectory you will need to accomplish this task.

There are 50 varied levels in two different stages, so your skills will be challenged and the game has been updated a few different times adding new levels and updates, so you are getting a game that will keep its staying-power.

The design of the game is simple, but well-done. Every menu and animation was smooth and scrolling during menus was fluid. Load times on the title are very quick, so you can be in line at the grocery store, play a few levels and put the game away within minutes.

The title is absolutely free and is ad-supported. I found the ads are small and unobtrusive and the gameplay to be just as addicting as other popular physics titles. You can find this title in the marketplace by searching for “Apple Bin” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.

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