Adobe’s “Flash-like” Edge Coming to Windows Phone Soon?

One thing that I have gleaned in the time since Windows Phone’s introduction is that Adobe’s flash is very unlikely to make it onto platform. There are a number of reasons that this could be the case and I could even be proven to be false on this one, but the addition of HTML5 into IE9 mobile and desktop signifies Microsoft’s push to abandon older web standards and embrace newer technologies like HTML5.

However, Adobe is not ready to give up just yet. They have been working on a technology called “Edge” which is supposed to use web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 to bring flash-like animation and transition capabilities to the table. Adobe wants to bring this Edge technology to mobile platforms and it appears they are working on Windows Phone based on a tweet from their Edge account.

A user @dovellonsky tweeted the following: “@AdobeEdge Only iPhone ? Windows Phone 7 is coming or not ?”

And here is their response: “@dovellonsky We will be testing on Windows phones also…stay tuned!”

So it’s pretty clear that Adobe has this platform in mind for their new technology, but how long will it take to come to Windows Phone? And what will battery life and performance be like when it does? These are important questions I’d like to see answered as Edge nears the Windows Phone platform.

via WPCentral

Thanks for the heads up Joe


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