Samsung Omnia 7 Update Coming Soon?

According to, Samsung Omnia 7 users has been experiencing many issues including problems with messaging, landscape issues and instability in 3G browsing. After receiving a petition sent by Monsmartphone and signed by over 100 users, it looks like Samsung will be sending out an update very soon to fix these issued and also prepare the device for Mango. From the sounds of it, this is probably similar to the firmware updates we’ve seen for other Windows Phone devices as of late.

If you remember, Samsung devices both on Windows Phone and Android have had their fair share of issues with updates, so hopefully this update will be released in a timely fashion with no issues. I run a Samsung Focus on At&t and have had no issues that I can recall, so it sounds like this may be isolated to the Omnia 7 only. Let us know in the comments if you own a Samsung Windows Phone device and have had any of these or different issues you would like to see resolved.

via WMPoweruser

3 responses to “Samsung Omnia 7 Update Coming Soon?

  1. The Bluetooth Stereo A2DP stack in Omnia 7 has been faulty since the handset launched. No firmware update has ever attempted to fix this, despite Samsung and Microsoft being aware. Interestingly, the issue does not affect any games. Only music, the built in ringtones in WP7 and IE9 Mobile in WP7.5

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