Windows Phone ‘Tango’ Spotted with Global Search?

Earlier this week, a forum post noted a proposed Windows Phone ‘Tango’ build. Tango is the rumored build to come in between Mango and Apollo and is rumored to add some new features, but not be the major release that Apollo is rumored to be.

Tango builds have been reportedly spotted in server log as of late and now we a leaked screenshot with information about the build (8200) from a user who goes by “Snake” on a Slovakian forum. He notes:

“Content Search (Build 8200 Tango), it more or less works, first it´s finding content directly on the phone, and then on the web, the good thing is that Facebook pages work now (finally), i don´t know about twitter/LinkedIn, i haven´t them synced up, voice activated searching is also possible, similar function what iPhone has.”

Things got off to a slow start with Windows Phone updates, but if this post is to be believed, things seem to really be picking up in that department which further displays Microsoft’s commitment to the Windows Phone platform.


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