Zune Music Opens Up to Canadian Users?

According to a post on Zunited, the ability to purchase music from the Zune music catalog is now available to users listed in Canada. Microsoft recently reiterated their desire and push to add more services to users outside of the US and this is just another small step in the right direction.

There are, however, a few caveats. Zunited notes a few missing pieces:

This is great news but a few things are still missing though: the ability to properly go from an artist in your collection to their respective page in the Marketplace still results in an error message about the artist being “no longer available at Zune Marketplace.” Also, the pretty view of featured artists, top 10, and also general browsing experience seems to be somewhere between lacking and non-existent. Another aesthetic feature that is missing is the artist pictures and bio, which make the music user experience on the Windows Phone and Zune HD exponentially more enjoyable.

This is great news for canadian users and as the posts notes, will make the proposition of a Windows Phone purchase a better one for Canadian users. Hopefully the features and services that make Windows Phone so great will be filled out both in Canada and in other countries where it is currently missing this functionality.


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