Microsoft: Mango is On Schedule

After the NoDo rollout debacle, Microsoft has promised that they would make a better effort to get the future updates out in a timely manner to all Windows Phone customers. So far, everything seems to be on schedule and Microsoft feels good about their chances of getting Mango out to customers. Microsoft Canada’s Paul Laberge has posted on his blog about Mango’s RTM status:

We are working very hard with both our OEM and carrier partners to make sure that Mango is available to consumers quickly and so far everything is very much on schedule so I’m pretty confident that anyone that wants Mango on their phone will be able to get it in a very reasonable timeframe.

For those of you wondering when Mango will officially launch, there is no one answer as we will be launching Mango via the carriers and each carrier will have its own timeline …  The general target we are all looking at globally, however, is later in the 2011 calendar year.

The part about the carriers having their own timeline certainly frightens me because we all know that a carriers timeline is much different than the timeline for users. Hopefully, they won’t undermine the success of the platform by again delaying a very important update.

via WMPoweruser


2 responses to “Microsoft: Mango is On Schedule

  1. Can we all just call AT&T and ask them repeatedly for this update? I mean they will eventually get the idea that we can’t be put down because we are not iphone users!

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