Tango is “All about Nokia”?

Microsoft has been very quiet on their future plans and updates for Windows Phone. At this point we don’t even have an exact release date for the coming Mango release. The ‘Tango’ update is said to be the release for Windows Phone between Mango and Apollo and was thought to be an evolutionary update compared to the rumored Apollo, which is supposed to integrate Windows 8 and Windows Phone further.

Mary Jo Foley over at ZDnet has just posted some news based on unnamed sources about what Tango could be, “He said Tango was “all about Nokia” and focused on hitting the lower-price point for Windows Phones that Microsoft and Nokia execs have been promising. My contact also said the Tango release may be focused largely or even exclusively on the Asian market.”

As is reiterated by Foley, Microsoft has stated their commitment to releasing one major update each year for the Windows Phone OS, so if Mango is such and update for 2011 and Apollo is for 2012, where does this leave Tango? I believe it leaves it right where her sources have pegged, a small update to add functionality and maybe even prepare Windows Phone for what’s coming in Apollo. It also sounds as if Tango will allow for lower-end devices, which might be just a hair above a feature phone, which is the majority of Nokia’s audience.

As for now, Tango news is scarce, but should definitely heat up as we near and pass the Mango release. Stay Tuned…


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