Motorola Watching Market for Windows Phone

As of right now, Motorola is full steam ahead on Android, but all of that could change based on a report by Fierce Wireless. Motorola is currently well-known for its part in the Android craze with its Droid line of devices, however, it’s CEO, Sanjay Jha, recently revealed to Fierce Wireless that they are watching the market and will evaluate Windows Phone to see if its status as a viable ecosystem succeeds, although, he is currently unsure as to which mobile platform will be one of the big three that many expect to survive, with the other two possibles being RIM and WebOS.

For its part, Motorola wishes to have what appears the same status as Nokia does with Microsoft in order for the relationship to work out, but the specific “conditions” are not known.

As Motorola waits to make a decision on which platform it might support, the smartphone landscape is already changing. RIM seems to be dying a slow, painful death; WebOS doesn’t seem to be making any ground even with a tablet and new handsets coming to market and a number of Android handset makers are currently fighting numerous IP lawsuits just to continue using the open source Android OS.

Windows Phone has been growing, albeit slowly, but has a ton of upside in strong developer support, a ton of handset manufacturers, Microsoft’s services and an update (Mango) which will bring feature parity with current market leaders. Android may be booming at the moment, but it could be a sinking ship because of the IP war others are waging against it, so this could be Motorola slowly positioning itself closer to Windows Phone as a potential life raft.

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