HTC Maza Specs & Speed Revealed by User

The HTC Maza is a device that has been around for quite a while. From the exterior, it looks just like an HTC Trophy, but underneath the hood is a much stronger phone with some very nice specs. It is worth mentioning that the HTC Maza is thought to be only a dev unit and may never see an official release, but was given to some Microsoft developer contest finalists just recently and, lucky for us, they’ve released some specs and benchmarks. WPCentral caught this post over on the XDA forums. Here is what we know about the Maza running the RTM Mango build from user Cpitt:

  • GPU seems faster – using WP Benchmark, the Mazaa hit 50 FPS vs the HD7 (Mango 7712) at 23 FPS
  • Local Scout in RTM 7720 has its own Tile (edit: this is there in 7712, evidently)
  • Fishtankon the Mazaa is about 47 fps, where it’s only about 30 on the HD7
  • CDMA/GSM dual band












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