Molly “Rants” About a Lack of Apps, but Likes Windows Phone

Molly Wood of Molly-Rants CNet fame has accepted Brandon Watson’s challenge to try out Windows Phone and if she isn’t more pleased with her experience, he will donate $1,000 to a charity of her choice. Yesterday was the first day of the challenge and she’s taken to her blog on CNet to post some thoughts and a video about her experience thus far. You can check out the video and her post here, but to summarize, she said she finds no real faults in the HTC Trophy that she received, but is missing the larger app selection that one would find on Android or iOS. Apps that she mentions specifically are: Spotify and Words with Friends.

Words with Friends is a social-based scrabble-like title not currently offered on Windows Phone and Spotify is a subscription music service, although Molly says she will be trying the Zune Pass service in lieu of Spotify. I think she’ll come to like Zune Pass as its normally rated the best deal in music.

Molly also mentioned the integrated social networking in Windows Phone. While she did like the features present in Mango, she later amended her post to include that she prefers the actual apps for hardcore social networking tasks:

…I should say that although I liked the integrated social networking at first, I’m finding it slightly less useful as the day wears on. It seems slow to update; the list of Twitter mentions only says I was mentioned, but doesn’t show me the actual text until I click through to another screen; and it’s kind of weird to have one live tile for monitoring Facebook posts, and another for monitoring my own Facebook activity. I went ahead and downloaded the Facebook and Twitter standalone apps, though, and so far I like them better.

Overall, it seems that her experience is going well. Molly is apparently known for being a harsh critic on tech products, which is exactly what Brandon Watson and Microsoft want. She will find both the good and the bad in Windows Phone and most of it will rely on the user’s preference, so one of her cons may not be yours. The app selection is a legitimate gripe at this point, but we must remember that Windows Phone already has an outstanding 25,000 available apps in Marketplace and the number is rapidly growing by the day. Some apps just won’t be there this early, but most of the options you’ll want or need, you will find. Stay tuned…


2 responses to “Molly “Rants” About a Lack of Apps, but Likes Windows Phone

  1. “Windows Phone already has an outstanding 25,000 available apps in Marketplace” … … …
    I just wonder what you mean with “outstanding” in this regard… is it outstanding that there are already 25.000 apps or are those outstanding apps…
    Just as an example: When I am searching for an alternative calendar app for windows phone, there is just none. When I think of iOS there are two or three that come to my mind that are actually decent.
    Where is this quality in Windows Phone apps? That is what I am missing right now… if there where some decent apps in each category (and there are some, that is true), I would jump the wagon immediatly.
    I love the UI in windows phone… but I would love to see some more apps that focus on productivity and profession related content.

    • I mean oustanding for the number of apps, not that all the apps are outstanding. There is a decent number of spam apps in the Marketplace. I would love to see a broader selection of apps for Windows Phone, but the platform is built to be different than iOS and Android. This is especially the case in Mango. My time is not spent in apps, but in the phone and all the integration that is baked right in the device from day 1. I think the real market for Windows Phone is those that don’t need 100 apps on their device, just a few necessary ones. That being said, I would like to see more sports, banking and travel apps for this platform.

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