Verizon Preparing for New Mango Devices

Right now, Verizon Wireless is practically giving away HTC Trophies! As many of you know, the Trophy debuted in May as the first Windows Phone for Big Red. As of today, on its website, Verizon Wireless has dramatically dropped the price. Initially, the Trophy went for $150 after all the available rebates. Now, the online rebate has jumped from $50, to $150! Click here to visit the Verizon Wireless Trophy page.

Verizon dropping their price over 60% seems suspicious. This is quite similar to AT&T slashing the prices of the iPhone 3GS (8gb) a few months ago. Why did AT&T drop the price? Because  iPhone 5 is right around the corner. This would lead one to question, is Verizon doing the same thing? It is quite possible they are. With many sources predicting Mango to be released within a month, I would not be surprised. Either way, this is a win, win situation because  HTC Trophies are $50 (with a new contract).

Update: 8/12/11 Price on website has gone up to $100, still $50 less than the normal price.


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