Belfiore Debunks September 1st Mango Release as Rumor

Yesterday the web was buzzing about a report from PocketLint that Microsoft was panning on a release for their latest update to Windows Phone, Mango, on September 1st to coincide with an IFA event in Europe. Many were surprised that Mango would release so soon and here comes Windows Phone head, Joe Belfiore, to throw some water on the rumor fire with a tweet about the September 1st date:

Keep in mind that we’ve seen this from the Windows Phone team before. If you remember, the “rumor” about Windows Phone hitting RTM came out and was billed as a rumor only to be officially announced just days later, so this could just be Microsoft muddying the waters because they want to be the ones to reveal the date for Mango’s release and then again, it could really just be one big rumor. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out, but I have a feeling we’ll hear something very soon. Stay tuned…


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