FastBall 2 Speeds to the Marketplace

FastBall 2 by Klik! Games is a title that has been on iOS for quite a while and is now on Windows Phone. Played by over 3 million people on multiple platforms, it falls under the category of “time-waster games” (that I love) and its quick gameplay and simple control scheme make it a good one.

The idea of the game is to get your rolling ball from one end of the level to the other by avoiding obstacles. You achieve this by using your only ability, which is to jump. As you roll, you will hit boosts to pickup speed and then some which will slow you down, drop you and lift you up to reach higher platforms. As you progress through each of the available 105 levels, the games picks up in speed and difficulty becoming very difficult, very fast. If you just cannot get by a level, you can use tokens, which you will achieve, to skip over levels. 

The visuals are well-done and are reminiscent of a level from games like Super Mario, except the gameplay is very different. There are two themes: cartoon and futuristic, which mix up the look and feel of the game just enough. The ball rolls smooth and the physics match the gameplay and speed perfectly.

Fastball 2 is a great little indie title for Windows Phone that many have found to be an excellent little time-waster. Best of all, it’s free. FastBall 2 is an ad-supported, free title and is available in the Marketplace by searching for “FastBall 2” in the Zune PC software or on your Windows Phone.


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