IM+ to Drop MSN/WLM

IM+ posted on its Facebook page that v 1.4 of its Windows Phone app has been submitted to Microsoft for approval. So we should be seeing the update in the Marketplace shortly. In its post, IM+ says this is a “good news, bad news” situation. The bad news is that IM+ is dropping MSN and WLM from its next update. They go on to say

Bad news: MSN/WLM support has been dropped due to Microsoft’s request. For those of you who care more about MSN/WLM support than new features (again, new features list will follow), we strongly recommend to do not update once version 1.4 is released.

Good news: IM+ Windows Phone version 1.4 has been submitted to Microsoft Marketplace with new awesome features,

  • Significantly improved contact list scrolling and overall application performance
  • Push-to-Email option allows incoming messages to be forwarded to your email
  • Autoreply feature will instantly notify your contacts that your are in Push mode
  • ICQ / AIM / AOL / iChat group chats
  • ICQ contacts can now be added into your AOL/AIM/iChat contact lists and vice versa
  • VKontakte and Yandex IM services are now supported

For those of you that use MSN or WLM on your IM+ app, we recommend you ignore the update. Though this move by Microsoft is another sign that their Mango release is just around the corner as MSN and WLM instant messaging will already be integrated.

Source: IM+ Facebook


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