Nokia to Put Windows Phone on China’s Largest Carrier

Nokia has announced that they will be placing Windows Phone devices on China’s largest carrier in a speech given by executive vice president Colin Giles in Beijing on Friday. China Mobile is a 3G network using TD-SCDMA and has more than 600 million subscribers. The move is largely believed to help Nokia fend off the likes of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android smartphone devices.

Nokia is currently the top selling mobile manufacturer in China just above Samsung and by tapping into a user base that is two-thirds the subscribers in China, Nokia is hoping to hold onto that lead. No release dates or specifics about the coming devices were mentioned, but it’s believe that we would see device by years end.

The move is smart for Nokia and great news for Microsoft. Tapping into a market that is already flooded with over 20% of Nokia devices should help with hardware mind share and put Windows Phone in more hands around the world, but Nokia is going to need to move quickly if it wants to do so before the next mobile manufacture takes that lead.

Source: China Daily


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