Brandon Watson Placing a Windows Phone in NBA’s Blake Griffin’s Hands

Brandon Watson’s aggressive Windows Phone evangelism is well documented. He’s constantly gaining developer support by reaching out to frustrated devs from other platforms and, more recently, offered Dilbert author Scott Adams and CNet writer Molly Wood a challenge to take a WIndows Phone, use and not like it as much as their current devices.

Well he’s not done folks, Brandon Watson is at it again, but this time it’s the L.A. Clippers’ Blake Griffin he’s after. It seems that Griffin might have been frustrated with his current iPhone and that’s where Brandon Watson comes in. Check out the tweet below:

Blake Griffin responded to Watson’s tweet with, “@Brandon Watson Sounds good to me“. So one of the NBA’s most marketable players (and his brother Taylor) will soon be sporting a Windows Phone. Hopefully this translates into a greater audience for Windows Phone because we know that people only need to see and use one to drop their current device.

via Mobility Digest


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