Job Posting Teases Windows Phone 8 ‘Apollo’

For the first time, Microsoft has teased us with an official mention of Windows Phone 8 which is rumored to be codenamed ‘Apollo’. We’ve heard that the Apollo update is set to come after ‘Tango‘ which will come after this Fall’s ‘Mango’ update. Little is known about the rumored updates, except that Windows Phone 8 is said to tie the desktop OS and the Windows Phone OS closer together.

Windows 8 has already been unveiled by Windows Chief, Steven Sinofsky, and features a Windows Phone-esque start screen complete with a grid of live tiles. It should also be noted that the new Xbox console update also features a tile navigation screen similar to the one we have on Windows Phone, so it’s no surprise that Windows Phone and Microsoft’s other hit products would be brought closer together.

Anyway, the job post in question lists the need for a software developer who wants “…to be a part of making Windows Phone 8 a reality”. There is also a mention of the next version of Windows. Here is the job post:

Want to be part of making Windows Phone 8 a reality? Want to work on a strategic and exciting product targeted at the next version of Windows? Then the Consumer eXperience (ConX) team is the place for you! The Windows Phone team is taking on a huge challenge stirring up the out of box experience for Windows Phone 8 and is committed to building/improving a compelling and dynamic high quality look and feel to our end user experience.This promises to be a volatile world churning within the OS, Phone 8 as well as our AUT (Application Under Test) that we’ll ship in the Windows Marketplace! Our test team needs a few more key folks to compliment the talent already onboarded. We are looking for experienced and intelligent engineers to join our team! Join us in our mission to bring the most compelling Windows Phone experience to customers to date! If this sounds like the next step for you in your career here at Microsoft, we would love to hear from you. We can talk about the opportunities and challenges we are facing right now to see if your passions are a fit.

You  can check out the job post on the Microsoft Talent Network website here. Stay tuned here at Windows Phone Metro and we’ll keep you in the know about the current and coming versions of Windows Phone as the information leaks.

via WMPU


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