The Majority of Windows Phone Users Have an Xbox LIVE Game

Microsoft mentioned along with the news about coming features and titles for Windows Phone that about 70 percent of Windows Phone users have downloaded an Xbox LIVE game for their device. It seems obvious, but when you consider that many business and casual users are not into games, let alone achievements and gamerscores, that’s a pretty good number.

Xbox LIVE integration is considered to be one of the standout features on Windows Phone and as it grows in mindshare and functionality, should attract more gamers to the platform. For new users to the Windows Phone platform, Microsoft usually releases one new Xbox LIVE-enabled title for Windows Phone each week on Wednesday and also discounts a current title on Wednesday for that week as well. I usually report on the new title each week and the “Deal of the Week” title will be featured in the Marketplace screen on your device, so be sure to keep an eye out of for the savings.

Source: Seattle Times


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