Windows Phone Wallpapers

Here are some of my favorite wallpapers that I’ve found from various websites for Windows Phone. Each wallpaper is already sized for the standard Windows Phone resolution (480×800). I would really like to source many of these, so if you know of the origin of a particular wallpaper, please leave a comment or message me on the About page.

To download a wallpaper when using a PC: click on the image to select it, then right-click and select “Save Picture as…”

To download a wallpaper when using a Windows Phone: select the wallpaper, then press and hold on the image until a context menu comes up and choose ” save picture”.


2 responses to “Windows Phone Wallpapers

  1. hi there it that microsoft has forgotten about windows mobile 6.5 or that they have forgotten they manufactured htc touch2.Updates concerning windows mobile devices are only channeled towards windows phone7,please windows mobile 6.5 exists.
    thank you

    • I wish I could comment on what Microsoft is doing with Windows Mobile 6.5 development. As far as I know they are going to continue to support it, but have started focusing their development efforts solely on Windows Phone.

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